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Are you just looking to request a blog? Please see this page: Request a blog

For any questions regarding blogging at Ryerson, including technical support questions, please submit a request via the DMP contact form.

PROBLEM ACCESSING THE CONTACT FORM? The form requires you to be logged in to only your Ryerson Google account. If you are logged in to a non-Ryerson Google account, you will not be able to access the form. Please either log out from your non-Ryerson Google account, or use a web browser that you do not use for Google.
Please do not click Request Access.

(You will be asked to enter your my.ryerson username and password)

  • Select ‘blogging‘ as your subject of inquiry.
  • Be sure to send us the following details:
    • Let us know what username you are using to log in to the blog system (please do not send us your password).
    • Let us know the URL of the blog you are accessing / trying to access.
    • Include any details pertinent to your inquiry.
  • If you are experiencing a technical issue reaching a blog site or posting to a blog (not a login issue, but the browser not allowing you to get to the site), please send the following additional details:
    • Your IP at the time the issue occurred (you can Google “What is my IP?” to find out).
    • Which web browser (Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) AND operating system (Windows 10, Mac OSX) you were using.
    • The time and day you experienced the issue.
    • Whether you were on-campus or off-campus at the time the issue occurred.