Collecting Statistics using Google Analytics

Natively, WordPress doesn’t gather statistics on your blog. If you need to be able to track access to your blog, you will need to enable a plugin that collects the statistics on a third-party site.

The one that we have available at is Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

Please keep in mind that Google Analytics is a public system that houses the statistics for your site on their servers, which may reside in any country. This data is not hosted on Ryerson servers, and we cannot provide support for the Google Analytics service, as it is outside of our access.

There are two parts to setting up Google Analytics to track statistics on your blog:

  1. Set up a consumer* Google Analytics account, add your blog to it and generate a special code.
  2. Enable Google Analytics tracking on your blog, by adding the special code.

 *Important: Unfortunately, you cannot use your Ryerson GSuite account to set up Google Analytics, as these accounts have no access to Google Analytics. You will need a consumer Google account for this.

Setting up Google Analytics

  1. Go to, and set up a user account. A user account can host analytics for a number of websites. If you run a group blog, it might be a good idea to set up an account just for that — you don’t want it tied to any one user’s personal Google account.
  2. Set up a “property” in Google Analytics, to track activity on your site. Instructions can be found on the Google Analytics Help website:
  3. You need to copy the Tracking ID from Google Analytics in order to proceed.

Enable Google Analytics tracking on your blog

  1. Log into the dashboard for your blog, and go to “Beehive Pro”.
  2. Paste the  Tracking ID generated by Google Analytics into the “Site Tracking Code” field on the page.
  3. Review the remaining options, and change as needed.
  4. Click the Save Changes button, at the bottom of the page, to apply the settings.

Now, if you go to Google Analytics, you will see your blog listed in the Website Profiles. It may take some time for it to initiate the collection of statistics – once it has begun, you will see a checkmark in the Status column.

Please refer to the support on the Google Analytics website for more details on the collection of statistics and reports.