Properly Format Text


After designing our content to be accessible, we have to make sure that the content itself is accessible. The most common presented content on web is text. So, how do we make text accessible?

Avoid underlining text that is not a link

On the web, underlined text is most commonly used to identify a link to another web page. It is best to not add underline to text, and allow the style of your site to dictate the underline on links. This is why you will rarely see an underline option in an online text editor (like WordPress).

Be aware of background-to-text contrast

Have you ever gone to a website, only to find that it was difficult to read the text on the screen? Keep this in mind when choosing the colour and size of the fonts you use. There should be contrast between the text colour and the background colour, and the font should be large enough to easily read.

How to format the text colour and size in WordPress

We try to select themes that, by default, provide text that can easily be read. For the most part, this means that we ask you to be careful when choosing to make changes to the defaults, either in your posts or when selecting alternative text options for the whole theme.

We recommend not manually styling most of the text in your post. If you would like to change the font for your post content, and don’t see a way to do it in the Theme Options, please feel free to contact us for an alternate solution.