Alternate Text in Images

What is Alternate Text?

When you add an image to a web page, you can include text that describes the content of the image. This text can be read aloud by screenreaders. The text should concisely convey the meaning of the image, not describe its visual characteristics. Also referred to as “Alt text” or “Alternate text”.

More information about properly using Alternate Text can be found here.

Wordpress - Alt text in the Media folder

How to Add Alternate Text in a WordPress Post or Page

If you haven’t yet uploaded an image to your blog, you can simply add the alternate Text during the upload process. After uploading the file, you will see that Alternate Text is one of the fields in which you can add information.

If you have already uploaded the image to the Media section of your blog, it is beneficial to edit the details for the image and include the Alternate Text. Updating the information here, however, will NOT update any images you have already added to a post or page in the blog.

For any posts or pages you have already added, you will need to go into the post or page to add the text. Simply edit the post/page, and click on the image in the editor window. You will see an icon appear in the upper-left corner of your image that looks like a little photograph, that says ‘Edit Image’ if you roll over it. Click on it, and you will be given some quick editing options – including the alternate text. Add the text, than scroll to the bottom and click the Submit button. Do this for each image, and then make sure to save your post/page to process the changes.