Logging In

Information on how to log in, how to get help logging in, and how to find your blog once you’ve logged in.

Username and Password

Regardless of which blog on the blog.ryerson.ca system you log in at, you must use your my.ryerson username and password (the same one you use to access D2L, on the my.ryerson.ca portal).

Your my.ryerson username may be in the format j2smith, jane.smith, etc.

Do not attempt to log in using any of these as your username:

  • your email address
  • your student number
  • your blog URL

Also ensure your username is entered in all lowercase letters, as capital letters will not be accepted.

Please see this page for more information on activating your online identity (my.ryerson username and password).

You can always tell which blog you are logged in to, by looking in the admin bar at the top of the screen. The title of the blog will appear near upper left-hand corner.

Login Troubleshooting

If you cannot log into a blog on the blog.ryerson.ca system, please do the following:

A) Try Logging in…

  1. If you have been trying to log into a specific blog, and have been unsuccessful, try logging in at the main site, blog.ryerson.ca. If you are able to log in there, please see the section below for instructions on how to access your specific blog. (It may be that you haven’t got access to the blog, or maybe have a typo in the address)
  2. Go to the my.ryerson.ca portal, and try the same login and password you tried on the blog system.

B) Help Contacts

  1. If you ARE NOT able to login at the my.ryerson.ca portal, contact the CCS Help Desk at help@ryerson.ca (they are the support contact for any my.ryerson account-related issues). Be sure to mention that you could not login at my.ryerson.ca (don’t just mention the blog).
  2. If you ARE able to login at the my.ryerson.ca portal, but not at blog.ryerson.ca, please go to the Contact Us page of this site and submit the form specified there.

Be sure to mention all of the following, in either case:

  • whether you were able to log in at blog.ryerson.ca and my.ryerson.ca using the same username and password
  • which blog you were trying to log in at (include the FULL URL of the blog, i.e. myblog.blog.ryerson.ca)
  • the username you used when trying to log in (but please don’t send the password)
  • the Operating System type and version you were using at the time (i.e. Windows 10, Mac OSX.10)
  • the web browser type and version you were using at the time (i.e. Microsoft Edge 40.15063, Firefox 54.0)
  • were you logging in from a wireless device over wifi?
  • were you on or off-campus at the time?
  • most importantly:┬áplease describe what happened when you tried to login and what message you got when you were denied access.

Getting to the Dashboard of a Specific Blog

There are two ways to log in to the blog.ryerson.ca system:

  • at blog.ryerson.ca
  • at any of your blogs, provided you have a ‘Login’ option added to your blog (this may automatically be a part of the theme you have chosen, or you can add the ‘Meta’ widget to put a login link in the sidebar).

When you login, you are brought to the Dashboard options for that specific blog – it’s like logging into the admin side of that specific blog, however, you also have access to your other blogs from here. Important: if you have logged in at blog.ryerson.ca, you will not have access to the Dashboard, and must select a blog that you actually have Dashboard access to (see below).

If you login at the main blog, you will need to click the link to YOUR blog in the 'Your Sites' list (screenshot)
If you login at the main blog, you will need to click the link to YOUR blog in the ‘Your Sites’ list (screenshot)

How to get to the Dashboard of another blog, once logged in?

Once in the Dashboard (of any blog), you will see a dark bar at the very top of your screen. Click the My Sites button to view links to all of the blogs that you have access to. Click Visit Site to view the blog itself, and click Dashboard to access the administration side of that blog.

You can always tell which blog you are in by looking in the Admin Bar, at the top of your screen. The title of the blog will appear there.

What do I do Next?

The first things you do in a blog will really depend on what role you have in the blog, and what you want to do with the blog. You may have a different role in each blog – for example, you may be the Administrator of one blog, an Author in another, and just a Subscriber in another.

If you are the Administrator of the blog, and are responsible for the setup of the site, the look and feel, choosing plugins, adding users, etc. please take a look at our “First Steps” page and “Customizing Your Blog”.

If you are not the Administrator, but are expected to write blog posts, please take a look at our “Making Posts and Pages” page.