Known Issues

Known issues with WordPress (v 5.0x)

Impacted areaDescriptionStatus
Categories – when assigned in Post Editor screen.Some users receive an error message when attempting to save/publish a post with certain categories selected.

First, complete the authoring of your post and publish – without selecting any categories.

Next, in the list of posts, use the ‘Quick Edit’ feature to assign categories.

Review full instructions for workaround.

Known issues with Gutenberg

Impacted areaDescriptionStatus
Audio/video playlists – no blockThere is no audio/video playlist block at this time.

Use the “Shortcode” Gutenberg block, with the playlist shortcode. Details can be found on the WordPress codex.
Button block doesn’t respect colour selections when using Twenty fourteen theme.
Despite selecting foreground and backgroundcolours, the button background appears bright green (from the Twenty Fourteen theme)Workaround: Instead of selecting one of the colour options you see, click the multicoloured wheel and select a ‘custom’ colour. These seem to work as expected.
Add block option (“+”) does not always display between blocks.When you hover on the borders in between, above and below blocks, the + icon should appear to add a block in that space. Sometimes the one above the currently selected block does not appear.Workaround: Try selecting another block, to shift the focus OR save your post as a draft and reload the post editor.

Plugin incompatibility

Please note that some plugins do not play well with other plugins or themes. Here is a list of known combinations that will not work (and possibly prevent you from accessing your site). Please do not enable these combinations.

Problematic comboDescriptionSolution
Magazine Basic (theme) with Easy Google Fonts (plugin)If both of these are enabled on a blog, the blog cannot be accessed – even to correct the issue.
If this problem arises, please contact our support team to restore access to the blog.

DO NOT re-enable this combination of plugins.