Adding a Class of Students

A number of instructors create a class blog, where all of the students participate in a single blog.

How do the students get access? A blog administrator has to add them. The best way to do this is to get the list of users from your D2L Brightspace course shell, as you have access to all of the students’ usernames.

First, download the list of students from your D2L course shell.

Be sure to select to download the ‘username’ (no other information is required).
Please see the instructions for downloading the list of students from your D2L course.

You need the usernames to appear one per line, with no spaces or additional characters.

Next, add the list of users to your blog.

Note that “dummy” students cannot be added to your blog, and will likely give you an error. It is best to remove these from your list before adding the students to the blog.

Please see the instructions for adding multiple users to your site