About blog.ryerson.ca

Welcome to blog.ryerson.ca, Ryerson’s blog network.

Our network is run on WordPress multi-site, similarly to WordPress.com. This means that thousands of blogs (no exaggeration) are currently run on this network at this very moment. All of the blogs share common resources, such as themes and plugins that are selected and installed by our system administrators.

blog.ryerson.ca is open to ANY Ryerson staff, faculty or student for Ryerson use. Students do not require permission from their instructor to submit a request for a blog.

Need clarity on some of the WordPress-specific terminology? The WP Glossary may help!

Some uses for a blog at Ryerson:

  • you want your students to use a blog for a course-related project, or to build their CV
  • you want to build an online CV, or have some kind of professional presence online
  • you want your project or department to have an online presence
  • you want to provide the students with course-related content outside of the LMS

blog.ryerson.ca may be ideal for you if:

  • you want a blog or website that is Ryerson-related, that is not used to collect money
  • you hire temporary staff (possibly student staff) to maintain your website, and need some consistency in support
  • you don’t require the ability to install your own themes and plugins, don’t require FTP access to the site and don’t require access to edit the PHP end of the site
  • you don’t have the skills in-house to build your own WordPress site from scratch
  • you don’t have the skills or time to maintain your WordPress installation (i.e. apply updates in a timely fashion)
  • you don’t have the budget to hire people to do the above for you, or to cover the costs of the necessary server

To request a blog on blog.ryerson.ca

Please see this page on our support site.